Hello. My name is Kendra. This blog is a place for me to share some of my creative ideas and projects with you. Maybe it will be a picture from my day, or something I have made in my studio or kitchen, or just something beautiful that inspires, and sometimes it will be about Heart House Studio.

Hey how about I tell you about Heart House Studio! It’s gonna be a schoolhouse, a studio, a room to express yourself. It is a center for inspiration, creativity, support, learning and community. It will be a place to cultivate self-acceptance, laughter, and spontaneity. You will be able to work on your own projects individually or take a workshop with a group and either way something crafty will happen.

I love to make. This applies to art, food and friends. I like how you can take a paper bag, or a piece of a wool sweater, a bottle cap or something out of the recycling bin and make it beautiful or useful or both.  I love color and how different colors look next to each other or sewn together and how good this makes me feel.  I love being in a space with people making and creating side by side and together. When I’m creating something I feel alive , at ease, understood, fully expressed and connected to my intuitive prowess.

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