black & blue & you

This is three shades of the same day & the exact same spot of the horizon at the end of the street I was staying on this summer.  I love how gray and blue can have so many shades and how a day can go through so many changes. It’s been a gray and blue sort of week. A dear friend passed away. I also bruised and sprained my leg. Both of these things have really shaken my balance and made me slow down. I have never lost a friend before and have been grieving in a way that I have not had to. I feel deeply aware of him not being here, but also feel his presence very strongly. I feel like his death is changing how I am experiencing my life right now. It’s amazing how in one day something can change your life completely. I have also never sprained anything before and it is a strange experience that somehow feels connected to the loss of my friend. He loved color, kale stems, flowers and spinning really fast.

I hope he is on the horizon of the sea and the sky and blooming like a flower.


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