Art Journaling!

 Developing Creative Companionship

This class is designed for people interested in creating their own creative art journaling practice. A journal can be a container for deep expression with words and images of all kinds. It can be private or shared and can hold the places that are most intimate to us. We can use them to record our personal stories, feelings and experiences, and they can be a way to connect to ourselves and our deepest voice.
You will learn ways to develop creativity as a companion, especially during these challenging times. We will talk about how to create time and space to play with new materials as we explore expressing the layers of life through the creative practice of art journaling. While this 4-week series offers experimentation with different, user friendly art mediums, it’s ultimate aim is to invite you into the creative conversation with the regular practice of listening to your expressive self through art journaling.

We will explore techniques, using pens, paper, markers, paint, ink, fabric, elements from nature and anything else we can come up with! Participants are also encouraged to collect any materials and inspiration that you would like to create with. If you can find a journal that lays flat, that is recommended but if not then we’ll work with what you have!


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