Art Listening Sessions

Hello everyone!

I am offering something new that I am calling Art Listening Sessions. What are they? In short: we talk for half an hour or an hour. This is a time for you to share.I will create a healing space in my listening and questions, during which I will also create an art response to your sharing. You will then receive this art in the mail! 

In More Words:

The phone session is a time for you to share something meaningful to you. This could be some challenging or exciting experience you are having or have had, a dream, a subconscious pattern that you are trying to transform, a relational dynamic that you are working on or excited about, family content/history you want someone to hold space for, or a story that you enjoy sharing. It doesn’t have to be something challenging, it can be something good! It can also be something you’re working through or exploring, such as asking yourself ‘What the heck is the purpose of this life?!’ It can feel therapeutic, but this is not therapy. Having a safe space to share your story can be healing. Later having a visual response to that sharing may be a new way of receiving witnessing attention.

I will be interactive and in dialogue with you, while creating a piece of art. This is the visual response that you will later receive in the mail. I cannot promise that it will be pretty. The purpose is not necessarily to hang it on your wall. It might be pretty, but it also might be ugly, or a representation of this messy life. Rather than an illustration of the content, the piece will capture some essence of what you share. And then you will receive this small, unique-to-you piece of art through snail mail after our session!

*Because it is a one-off session, it is best to bring subject matter that is manageable for you, and not something that will open up a larger can of worms (unless you feel like you can handle the can of worms).

Both sessions come with a small piece of art. It is usually made using watercolor, pen, or gauche, but is not limited to these materials.

How Much?

  • $50 for a 30 minute session
  • $90 for a 60 minute session

You can Venmo @Kendra-Rosenblatt